We provide legal services on all intellectual property sectors including:

Patent, Utility Model and Design

  • filing and prosecution
  • reexamination
  • invalidation
  • licensing and assignment
  • patent search
  • annuity service
  • translation of patent documents
  • counseling
  • infringement opinions
  • litigation
  • administrative protection


  • filing and prosecution of trademark application
  • review/adjudication request
  • opposition/cancellation request
  • licensing and assignment
  • renewal
  • trademark search/watch service
  • investigation of infringer/infringing products
  • providing infringement opinion
  • administrative protection


  • registration of copyright in various published works
  • registration of copyright in computer software
  • registration of publishing contracts of imported audio-video products
  • registration of pledge contracts on copyright


  • recordation of integrated circuit layout
  • recordation of patent right /trademark right /copyright in Customs
  • application for variety of plant